Court Advocacy 

Safe Space court advocates provide assistance in filing for protective orders, information about the court system and court process, and emotional support to victims of domestic violence as they pursue civil and criminal remedies to domestic violence.

If you are interested in obtaining a restraining order, please follow the instructions below. Please note that Safe Space advocates can assist you if you have questions or need help completing the restraining order. Once you have completed these documents, take them to the local Clerk of Court Office for the county in which you or the abuser live, or the county in which the abuse took place. The Clerk of Court Office for Franklin County is located at 102 S Main St, Louisburg, NC 27549.


How to Seek a Domestic Violence Protective Order (“DVPO”) in North Carolina

Using the Instructions for completing a DVPO, fill out of the following forms before going to the courthouse:

1. Complaint and Motion for a DVPO

2. Notice of Hearing

3. Ex Parte Order

4. DVPO Civil Summons

5. Identifying Info about Defendant

6. Affidavit as to Minor Child (one per child)

Please be aware that, if you do not have access to a printer, the above forms will be provided to you free of cost by your local Clerk of Court. Also, it is completely free to file an action for a DVPO. Please note that none of the information on this page is a substitute for an experienced attorney. If you have additional questions about the court process, please consult with a Safe Space employee or an attorney. If you are a resident of Franklin County and cannot afford an attorney, you may qualify for representation by the Durham office of Legal Aid of North Carolina.

If you have additional questions about DVPO’s call our office at 919-497-5444 or visit our Frequently Asked Questions About DVPO’s page.

*Note: Safe Space is not a law office and cannot give out legal advice.


Sexual Assault Advocacy

Safe Space provides advocacy, options counseling, resources, and referrals for victims of sexual assault.  Safe Space works in conjunction with law enforcement, hospitals, and medical personnel to maintain confidentiality and safety for sexual assault victims.


How to File a 50C Civil No Contact Order in North Carolina

A 50C No Contact Order that provides protection from nonconsensual sexual conduct (rape/molestation) and stalking from someone you do NOT have an intimate or familial relationship with, such as an acquaintance, co-worker, neighbor, or stranger. You can file for a civil no-contact order in the district court in the county where you live, in the county where the abuser/stalker lives, or in the county where the unlawful conduct took place. For more information about 50-C protective orders visit or call a Safe Space Advocate at 919-497-5444 for assistance.



Safe Space operates a 13-bed shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. The shelter is located in a secure and confidential location. In addition to emergency shelter, Safe Space offers the following services to residents:

  • Career planning services
  • Case management
  • Health care referrals
  • Help with addiction issues
  • Life skills training
  • Safety planning
  • Support groups
  • Toiletries/clothing
  • Trauma counseling


Resource Referrals

If desired, Safe Space can provide victims of domestic violence assistance in seeking services from other local service providers. Often, this assistance includes an advocate directly contacting a social worker, mental health clinician, doctor, employer, teacher, or other professionals in the community.


Telephone Support

Someone is here to help you 24-hours a day, 365 days a year through our crisis toll-free hotline. (1-800-620-6120 or 919-497-5444). We care about your safety. Our advocates are trained to help you if you are in crisis or need shelter, information, or referrals.


Support Groups

Support groups are available for victims of domestic violence and child witnesses of domestic violence. The adult support group assists victims by providing domestic violence education, information about local services, and an opportunity to discuss and process the abuse they have experienced.


Children’s Advocacy

The Child Advocate addresses the needs of children who witness or are victims of domestic violence. The children’s group provides age-appropriate information about domestic violence, while also offering self-esteem-building activities and opportunities for children to share their feelings about the abuse they have experienced or witnessed at home. Screening tools are used by the Child Advocate to determine a child’s need for counseling and other services.


Community Education 

Safe Space offers educational activities, events, and presentations focused on increasing community awareness and prevention of domestic violence. Presentations are provided to local churches, civic groups and community members. Professional training is made available to various service providers in our community, including law enforcement and human service workers. Other community education efforts include special presentations to elementary, middle, and high school students on domestic and dating violence, and on school bullying, which is related to domestic violence. Safe Space also offers public events during October, which is recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


*All services available in Spanish