Safe Space WINS The 2017 Lynne Spence Commitment to End Sexual Violence Award from the North Carolina Coalition to End Domestic Violence

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Lynn Spence was Executive Director of New Horizons (formerly known as Womenfolk Unlimited) in Richmond County from August 1996 until her death in August 1999. She served on the board of NCCASA as Regional Representative and was a member of various committees, including the conference committee. As a conference committee member she and her staff designed the 1999 conference brochure. Lynn worked diligently in Richmond County with law enforcement, the district attorney’s office, local hospitals and concerned citizens to unite and organize comprehensive responses to violence against women. As a stranger to a rural community she overcame their belief that “we don’t have that problem here." As she began to network and become a member of the community, doors began to open for Womenfolk. Due to her dedication and perseverance, Richmond County now has a task force working towards ending violence against women and children. The staff at Womenfolk Unlimited received the first Lynn Spence Award for carrying forth her presence in the community as well as with NCCASA.  This award is open to people or organizations that have overcome obstacles to increase sexual assault awareness in the community. This includes, but is not limited to Rape Crisis staff/volunteers, media, SANEs, law enforcement and district attorneys.