Safe Space awarded federal funding from the Governor’s Crime Commission for Latina Domestic Violence Project beginning October 2016

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A comparison analysis of the 2000 and 2010 Censuses of the documented population of Franklin County indicates a 28% population growth in a decade. The Hispanic/Latino population makes up 7.9% of the county and has grown by 127.43% in the same ten year period. Research by the National Latino Network (NLN) found that 1 in 3 Latina women experience domestic violence (DV), which is the same rate as non-Latina women. Yet, non-immigrant Latina survivors contact formal services for IPV resources more often than immigrant Latinas. They also experience problems in accessing services due to immigration issues and less than 3 in 10 Latinas had heard of domestic violence protective orders and were not aware of local domestic violence agencies. Between 2013-2014 this agency served 36 Latino victims of DV, yet the population is one of the fastest growing populations in the county which validates the need for more specialized and evidenced based programming in this county. Latina women face specific challenges that are unique to their population, yet suffer the same emotional trauma as any other woman in a DV situation. The purpose of the Latina Domestic Violence Project is to offer services to facilitate safe options and stability for Latina victims of domestic violence and their children. Language barriers, immigration status, fear, isolation, financial resources, and lack of awareness of services play a significant role in the process and must be addressed by this agency.

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