Honoring Victims of Violence

Categories: Domestic Violence

Franklin County community leaders and families held a community-wide vigil Saturday evening to remember the victims of recent violence in Franklin County as well as to “take a stand in an act of mobilization and collaboration, to raise our voices for a call to action,” according to organizer Monica Kearney. Kearney, the executive director of Safe Space, a non-profit organization that works with families dealing with domestic violence in Franklin County and nearby communities, says it’s about more than just what she addresses on a daily basis. “We all have a seat at the table when it comes to violence. It’s not just one person, the whole community has to raise its voice, partner and work together and establish a plan of action, “she said. Kearney said the reason for gathering is becoming “all too familiar” and is not restricted to domestic violence issues. “For me, it all connected. And we really have to take a look at how we bridge the gap and form a systematic response to what’s happening,” she said. “We are seeing the impact of an increase in substance abuse and a lack of resources for mental health issues. We have to ask, “what are the missing pieces?’ and build a bridge that connects us back together. WE need action,” she said.

The vigil took place on the front steps of the Franklin County Courthouse in Louisburg on Saturday, April 16th.